Brand strategy: how to stand out?

In order to launch your product successfully on the market, you need two things – USP (unique selling proposition) & a strong Brand strategy. It turns out that in the modern world, to create a USP is much easier than distinguish your product from the competition. Let’s find out how to create a Brand strategy that will help your product stand out!

✅Checklist: Successful management of remote teams

While there are many specialists who work remotely for years, there are those who weren’t ready to switch on the ‘work-from-home’ mode when the lockdown happened. And my team is not an exception. On the very first days, it was somehow weird to get used to social isolation but after all, we figured out how to cope with it. And personally I have created a checklist for the successful management of remote teams.

TOP 5 free digital courses to launch your business online

After an unexpected lockdown, many businesses have suffered a decrease or total loss of income. Many people were sent on paid leave and even more of them lost their jobs. The pandemic has vividly shown the importance of digital presence for companies and that every successful business person must be digitally savvy these days. Consider these free digital courses to launch your business online.