5 common mistakes inexperienced leaders do and how to prevent them

Becoming leaders is a true challenge. It’s like getting married to someone and you become responsible for someone else’s life apart from your own. Besides, you have to always think and weight, plan, and estimate, show the right direction when they don’t know what to do, set the pace for the whole team, and yeah! INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE. Yes, becoming a leader is a hard task but if you are about to become one or simply want to improve your leadership skills, here are some mistakes all newbies do that you better keep in mind.

COVID: how will the labor market change or the new workforce reality

Probably one of the biggest trends of the new workforce reality is “telecommuting”.

Telecommuting or remote work is not something new. It has been popular for years. Convenient, flexible, time-saving, more effective, ATTRACTIVE – these are the attributes to describe remote work as it was before. But it has never been necessary, obligatory or THE ONLY MEANS businesses could survive just like it was during the global lockdown.

✅Checklist: Successful management of remote teams

While there are many specialists who work remotely for years, there are those who weren’t ready to switch on the ‘work-from-home’ mode when the lockdown happened. And my team is not an exception. On the very first days, it was somehow weird to get used to social isolation but after all, we figured out how to cope with it. And personally I have created a checklist for the successful management of remote teams.