Brand strategy: how to stand out?

In order to launch your product successfully on the market, you need two things – USP (unique selling proposition) & a strong Brand strategy. It turns out that in the modern world, to create a USP is much easier than distinguish your product from the competition. Let’s find out how to create a Brand strategy that will help your product stand out!

1️⃣ A good Brand strategy is about the future

Many companies do one same mistake – they focus too much on the present instead of thinking about the future. The world is changing so rapidly that for brands it’s important to THINK STRATEGICALLY.

Analyze what you have today and create a vision for years ahead. Visualize your Brand and write down whom you want to become in 5 years.

2️⃣ Stand out from the competition

There are so many goods out there that it’s almost impossible to offer something unique to your customer. That’s why it’s vital concentrating on the Brand distinction so you can STAND OUT from the crowd of multicolored brands yelling “buy me!”

Ask “how can I help you?” “how can I solve your issues faster / better?” Show care with your Brand. Refer to humans emotions.

3️⃣ Adapt your Brand to the industry, time, and country

It’s a common mistake of all marketers – taking an already existing strategy and trying to use it for the promotion of a completely new brand.

✔️Keep in mind the industry you will put your Brand in. Make sure the audience understands what product / services your Brand offers. When you decide to name your IT brand with the name of a fruit or vegetable, make sure you write a description as well. For example, Apple came out to the world like “Apple – the Smartphone Market Leader”. And only today when the whole world knows what Apple is, they can do without a description of their brand.

✔️Remember about the time your Brand will operate in. Predict the future and adapt your Brand positioning to it.

✔️Study the country where your Brand will operate. Learn about the people, their mentality, culture and traditions.

4️⃣ A good Brand strategy tells about your mission, it’s not focused on making profit only

There are companies of two types:

1) those who came to the market to make money

2) those who want to bring a change and as a consequence make money

A good Brand strategy provides a clear answer to the customer’s question in its headline. It helps the clients feel additional value from the acquired product / service.

5️⃣ A good Brand strategy is clear to anyone

The best strategies are the shortest. Make your strategy as short and clear as possible. Don’t give it a chance to interpret your Brand strategy with another meaning rather than that you want. Your Brand should be like a constructor made of details that you can use to create new products, change services, communicate with your audience via different channels.

Once you have the definition of your Brand strategy ready, test it with your employees and see if it’s clear to everyone within the company. And only after you are satisfied with the result, present your Brand to the outer world.

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