TOP 10 Marketing strategies for 2020 and above

What marketing strategy to choose to succeed and beat your competitors? Doing business in these contemporarily harsh times turns into a challenge for many market players. Which actionable approach will you choose to survive?

In times, when many businesses fail due to the decrease in demand, the market players need to arm themselves with the new-age tools that will allow them to stay afloat and make a profit. A marketing strategy is a powerful driving force behind every successful business.

What is the marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is all marketing goals and objectives of a company, combined into a single comprehensive plan. The strategy provides:

  • a map for achieving the company’s goals;
  • promotion of goods or services for making a profit;
  • interaction with customers as humans;
  • delivery of information or services for solving clients’ problems.

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Are you looking for strategies proven to be the most efficient for business growth? Discover some of the best tactics you will want to try!

TOP 10 most effective marketing strategies 2020

1. Buying behavior development through educational content

A market player can influence the purchasing decisions of customers by providing them with useful information, relevant to the prospects’ needs.

All you have to do is to make sure that the information is consistent, valuable, and credible. The use of chatbots and digital assistants is one of the ways to deliver content to a user, help him with purchasing goods and services, and provide the necessary support when needed.

2. Build trust through email marketing

It aims to preserve an already subscribed audience and expand it without any loss. It builds excellent brand awareness, trustworthy, and encourages a customer to repeat a purchase. Email marketing focuses on the provision of its audience with valuable information (useful tips on maintaining a heating/cooling system, design of a house, keeping kitchenware, etc.)

Even if they do not need your products or services now, those subscribers might need them in the future. Thus, by reminding them of your brand through informative emails, you encourage them to choose your company among the others.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is an efficient process, increasing the amount and quality of traffic to a website from its target audience, consumers looking for products/services you offer. If it is optimized, it ranks higher in the Google search results, thereby attracting more potential clients to your company.

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4. Voice SEO

Voice SEO focuses on the optimization of existing content for voice search. It aims to earn your website the position zero on Google’s search engine result page. Thus, it provides increased visibility of your website to the prospects, hence, leads to an increase in product purchasing.

5. Go live!

Livestreaming is one of the most popular strategies used for product promotion. It is a free time-efficient authentic type of content that covers an impressive target audience.

Compared to an ordinary post on social media, it has a more significant effect on customers.

6. Social media marketing

It focuses on building brand awareness and conversion improvement.

Depending on their target audience and preferences, the market players use the following popular platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

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The companies provide potential customers with useful information, promote their content through advertising, and interact with users by answering their questions.

7. Focus on mobile

Millions of people spend many hours looking for all sorts of information via mobile devices: order services, pay bills, do some shopping, pass online courses, etc.

Thus, you cannot omit this peculiarity while updating your business to modern realia. Here are the important actions you should consider:

  • optimize a website for mobile gadgets;
  • ensure a quickly loading website;
  • use clickable contact details;
  • connect the contact details to a map application;
  • review ads for social media platforms.


8. Remarketing

This strategy helps a market player to stay more engaged with potential customers. Therefore, it increases conversions by redirecting the prospects, who left the website when visiting it for the first time, to your media space again through different ads.

9. Marketing via an influencer

Influencers are not celebrities. Nonetheless, their fan base is no less small than the one of any famous person. Thus, the hiring of an influencer for brand promotion becomes one of the best ways of attracting a big audience in a short period.

10. Make a profit with YouTube – video marketing

Running a YouTube channel is one of the best marketing strategies in 2020. Hence, the introduction of high-quality content for users allows a market player to promote his brand, build brand awareness, and attract more customers. Being a type of a search system, YouTube will show your videos in the search bar even if they were loaded two or more years ago.

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Thus, it ensures favorable grounds for constant organic traffic throughout the years.

Do not be afraid to try several marketing strategies and find out about the latest digital marketing trends. The more effort you invest in your business, the sooner you will see the results.

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