Exciting Digital Marketing features you can’t ignore in 2020

The whole world was waiting for the 2020 year to come with breath-hold. Despite the lockdown, this beautiful number has brought a new era of real transformation. And this transformation has shown every business the importance of digital they can’t ignore.
So what are the exciting features of Digital Marketing every business should consider? Let’s find out!


With a massive shift online, businesses start experiencing the growing need for online support. Chatbots can assist in a variety of ways:

➡️ they can help save on the workforce (by 2020, this number is estimated to reach $8 billion per annum);

➡️ they respond instantly and they don’t sleep, which means you can close sales 24/7;

➡️ Tidio research from January 2020 reported that 43% prefer messaging with a chatbot rather than calling customer service, and this percentage is growing.

New media & Online reputation

The modern customer is more demanding than they were a couple of years ago. They don’t only want to receive a high-quality product or service, they want to consume from the Brands that are recommended by other people. And here are some tips on how you can leverage social media:

✔️Engage with influencers. The recent notice shows that during lock-down the amount of social media influencers has increased by nearly 10% on Instagram, 18% on TikTok, and 9% on YouTube. And all of them have spread to different niches, which means you can find influencers in almost any niche you need.

✔️Humanize your brand. Engage with your customers by publishing self-made videos. A good example is the Sister’s Aroma brand on Instagram. They post Insta-stories daily, sharing the information on how their perfume is being produced and tested. They also talk about their life issues like choosing a new office or a coffee machine. People want to communicate with people. That’s why humanizing your brand is so important.

✔️Prompt for UGC. User-generated content plays a HUGE role in building trust to your brand and sometimes leveraging UGC can save your Brand image. Just like it was with Apple. When Apple realized the user’s dissatisfaction regarding the capabilities of the average camera to take pictures in low lights, they launched a #ShotOnIphone campaign to redeem their lost trust in iPhone’s camera aptitudes. The campaign was targeted at both newbie and pro users taking photos in low-light with their iPhones and share it online. Then the most beautiful images were included in the video and posted on Youtube under the campaign name “Shot on iPhone”. Using such innovative UGC, Apple not only regained the faith of its skeptical users but also saved a lot of development and production costs as well as in the implementation of their marketing strategy. Apple made all those users feel really special when they used their visual content in Apple’s ads worldwide.

Power of Personalization

Personalization in digital marketing has gone a long way forward than just using the First Name in the letters. Giants like Netflix, Amazon, Apple Music and Nike are using personalization to its fullest to create a highly customized experience.
Let’s take Apple Music as an example, which I personally use. After having turned on the feature of Automatic Download of a song when I add to the Library, I recognized that Apple Music has actually started adding other songs I didn’t search for but that I could possibly like. I also got some long-forgotten songs added to my list that I got bored of at the time. They have evoked the feeling of nostalgia about the older times. So what I got on my playlist now is the mixture of old favorite songs and new hits and I doubt I will ever get bored of such a scenario.

Voice-Powered Search

With the rapid growth of technology, we are seeing another great feature taking off – voice assistants. You can leverage them to do such things as read texts loudly, type dictated messages and search for things. When implementing voice search to SEO of your website, think of the following:
➡️ People use long sentences when searching for things, so make sure you use long keywords and sentences;
➡️ Be conversational like you are talking to someone but stay grammatically correct;
➡️ Think of the questions people might be asking about your product and prepare detailed answers.

Marketing in Messaging Apps

It’s not a secret that messaging apps have gone further than being tools for messaging. In 2020, they have all the rights to be called efficient marketing channels. With 1.3 billion monthly users of Facebook Messenger and 1.6 billion users on WhatsApp, it’s the right time to start leveraging them in your marketing efforts.
Recent analysis shows that by sending short personalized texts, you get from 10 to 80 more engagement than organic posts on Facebook News Feed.

All-in-one marketing tools

If you are Googling and compiling a list of tools to help you with Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Social media, Marketing Analytics etc, stop doing it and go for an All-in-one marketing tool.
Marketo, VBOT, SharpSpring, Act-on, and my favorite HubSpot Though, HubSpot can be too expensive for small businesses, it has a welcome package for startups with attractive conditions – they are eligible for 90% off in their first year, 50% in their second, and 25% ongoing.

Agile Marketing

Invented by software engineers, Agile has come to Marketing as well. Agile marketing is especially useful for marketing agencies where dozens of projects can be running at the same time.
It is usually described the following way – let’s imagine a team of marketing experts who have X macro tasks to complete and 2 weeks deadline. They get together, brainstorm sprint backlog (list of micro-tasks) and then each member is assigned the tasks they will be doing during this sprint. In 2 weeks, the team gathers again to evaluate the results, find bottlenecks and failures to avoid them in future sprints.
They also have to stand up meetings every day where every member goes over what they did the previous day, what they plan to do that day and the challenges they are foreseeing at the moment.
An essential part of Agile Marketing is the Board. It can be a physical whiteboard or an online tool like Jira or Trello which every team member has access to at any time.

With the rapid emergence of new technologies, businesses have no right to stand still. The consumer is becoming more and more tech-savvy and so should your Brand. When going through each of the above-mentioned trends, remember that Simplicity is the key to success. So make sure you create an easy and enjoyable customer journey for all your clients.

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