TOP 10 Marketing strategies for 2020 and above

What marketing strategy to choose to succeed and beat your competitors? Doing business in these contemporarily harsh times turns into a challenge for many market players. Which actionable approach will you choose to survive?

In times, when many businesses fail due to the decrease in demand, the market players need to arm themselves with the new-age tools that will allow them to stay afloat and make a profit. A marketing strategy is a powerful driving force behind every successful business.

UGC: what is it and why it’s important in the modern digital world?

User-generated content is a goldmine for marketing. People who know how to use it can provide high customer engagement and boost their income. What are the benefits of user-generated content?

Do you feel that only a few people know about the existence of your brand? Moreover, you doubt whether it is worth the effort? Then it’s high time to think of the right strategy to boost your UGC!

5 common mistakes inexperienced leaders do and how to prevent them

Becoming leaders is a true challenge. It’s like getting married to someone and you become responsible for someone else’s life apart from your own. Besides, you have to always think and weight, plan, and estimate, show the right direction when they don’t know what to do, set the pace for the whole team, and yeah! INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE. Yes, becoming a leader is a hard task but if you are about to become one or simply want to improve your leadership skills, here are some mistakes all newbies do that you better keep in mind.