Brand awareness or how to spread out the word?

Is there a way to skyrocket your brand awareness to make your business grow and earn higher revenues? Every startup company dreams of becoming the next McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, and Coca Cola. What strategies a person should use to stay at the top of the market?

There are thousands of brands across the world. Nonetheless, only a few of them know how to be profitable market leaders throughout the years. Moreover, their customers never think twice – they prefer their favorite brand over other ones.

How do they reach such brand awareness?

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the degree to which people are familiar with or prefer a particular brand. Think of its establishment at the very first stages of your venture. Why?

The greater awareness your brand has, the more people know your logo and products. A big customer base ensures more trust, hence – higher profits.

How to increase brand awareness?

Brand awareness among your customers is not a one-day effort. It is an elaborate set of actions, grounding on an efficient strategy. You should provide such options people will hardly resist trying.

Considering that people spend most of their time on the Internet, try to make use of this via the following strategies:

  1. Run a blog or a website.
  2. Be more than just a product-selling brand. Let your customers know more about the features of your company.
  3. Be open and friendly. Hold a constant dialog with your customers through social media networks: create posts, respond to comments, be aware of what your customers expect from your brand in the future, etc.
  4. People like stories. Tell your customers anything you consider to be necessary (product description, how did you come up to an idea of setting a brand, etc.)
  5. More “Share” – more awareness. Make it easy for your clients to share information.
  6. Free does not mean poor quality. Let your clients feel the taste of your product. Also, ask them to share their opinion on their social media with a link to your website.
  7. Collaborate with influencers who provide product reviews. Thus, you will get free advertisement and expand your audience.
  8. Use more content (infographics, videos, podcasts, etc.). Improve your SEO via the use of the most relevant keywords in your industry (Use Moz Keyword Researcher or SEMrush).
  9. Be a sponsor. Make thousands of people hear and even see the name of your company (on T-shirts, banners, cups, etc.).
  10. Create a unique personality (like Old Spice did) and an advert that will produce a pleasant impression on your audience.
  11. Create a motto that would describe your brand and then would be associated with it – just like Nike did with their “Just do it” motto.
  12. Make sharable podcasts to inform, advise, entertain, or educate your clients and maximize your organic social media presence.

The establishment of solid brand awareness is a key to success and long-lasting relationships with your customers. And the first step for a successful start should be a well-developed Brand Strategy, which will help you on your way of product promotion.  

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