Brand awareness or how to spread out the word?

Is there a way to skyrocket your brand awareness to make your business grow and earn higher revenues? Every startup company dreams of becoming the next McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, and Coca Cola. What strategies a person should use to stay at the top of the market?

There are thousands of brands across the world. Nonetheless, only a few of them know how to be profitable market leaders throughout the years. Moreover, their customers never think twice – they prefer their favorite brand over other ones.

How do they reach such brand awareness?

COVID: how will the labor market change or the new workforce reality

Probably one of the biggest trends of the new workforce reality is “telecommuting”.

Telecommuting or remote work is not something new. It has been popular for years. Convenient, flexible, time-saving, more effective, ATTRACTIVE – these are the attributes to describe remote work as it was before. But it has never been necessary, obligatory or THE ONLY MEANS businesses could survive just like it was during the global lockdown.