How to move your offline business online in 48 hours

The challenges of modern life raise the need for bringing business online in short terms. Nonetheless, before the expansion of digital marketplaces, it is quite important to understand the mechanisms of their work to make selling online easier.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly influenced the life of all people without an exception. It made them search for alternatives to please basic needs, solve problems, and earn for living. A lot of people switched to the Internet and social media networks to find the necessary goods.

Thus, moving business online became a terrific solution, providing people with the required goods and generating revenues that help companies to keep their light on.

How to start a business online

Nowadays, many small businesses are struggling for their place under the sun. They turn social media networks in powerful tools for making a profit.

Setting up a Facebook or Instagram shop is very popular today. Moreover, it does not require additional capital. Social media allow sellers to hold live translations; get orders, and use messengers and apps to stay in touch with their customers.

8 easy steps of moving business online

Step 1. Buying a domain name. It will be great if you use the name of your company. You can purchase the domain name from Shopify, offering different extensions.


  • use “.com” as it is the most efficient domain extension;
  • the “.ca” and “.uk” are more suitable if you are about to run a local venture;
  • do not use the number of hyphens for the domain name;
  • avoid trademarked domains;
  • use the Business Name Generators to find the best match for a domain name.


Step 2. Setting up your website. You must think of the platform that will sell your products online.

Step 3. It is high time to think of the design. It should reflect the charter and individuality of your label.

Step 4. Choose your niche. You should have a clear vision about the goods you want to sell and the need of the market in your products. You should constantly find new goods that will attract customers to your online venture.

Step 5. Get your documents ready. For running a legal stress-free business, you should have the following documents:

  • Business license or a Home Occupation Permit;
  • Doing Business As license (only if you plan to sell under different names);
  • Employee Identification Number registration (EIN)


Step 6. Show your best. Describe your products. Fill the website with high-quality content upon sections:

  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • Product/service page
  • Returns & Refunds page
  • Contact page


Step 7. Think of payment methods that will be appropriate for your customers and integrate with them. 

Step 8. Let the world hear about your start. Having all things done, you should make people aware of your shop via:

  • Social media networks
  • E-mail
  • Influencers/bloggers
  • Search engines


Bringing your business online will help you stand out among competitors in the light of modern conditions. Find out how greatly the working environment has changed to keep up to date with modern business conditions.

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